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Step by Step.... What do I do to upload a trigger through Eclipse?

You can deploy your trigger using either the Force.com Migration Tool (ANT) or the Force.com IDE (Eclipse). The Eclipse route is much easier for beginners so that would be my first suggestion.

Before you deploy, make sure you have written unit tests that provide for 75% coverage of your trigger. You might want to take a look at the following link as it has more info and a link to the Force.com IDE:


Once you have Eclipse installed or running, you can select Help -> Help Content and search for "Deploying to Another Salesforce Organization".


Jeff Douglas
Informa Plc
While I'm still having problems with my trigger.
In an eclipse project, create the trigger and click save. You'll also need to create a class cause you can't test a trigger through a method in the trigger itself. If you're anything like me, THAT's when you'll start having problems. Right clicking on the trigger in navigation pane in eclipse, go down to Force.com and click Save to Server will save the trigger to the environment.