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Web-to-Lead and "Salesforce Lead Alert" e-mail


We have an org whose Lead object has Apex trigger code attached to it, that converts a new/updated Lead to an Account and Contact under certain circumstances (which boil down to:  are all the necessary fields properly filled in?).  This is fully built out and works well.   Also in this org we have Web-to-Lead set up, with the intention that a properly filled-in Web Lead form will cause a Lead to be created and immediately converted upon initial save, creating an Account and a Contact on the system.  Again this works well - but with one small wrinkle. 

In cases where a Web-created Lead is inserted and auto-converts, the default Lead owner gets an e-mail titled "Salesforce Lead Alert", containing the following:

Alert: Salesforce experienced the following problem creating the lead below:

Reason: Your Lead could not be processed.

...and then a whole bunch of field Ids and their values.

I can only surmise that the auto-conversion of the Lead is confusing the Web-to-Lead process and causing this e-mail to be sent out.  Can anyone corroborate this?  Is there any workaround?  Is there a way to suppress these e-mails?  Not so much because they're annoying and misleading, but more because now there's client data sitting in those e-mails, that is flying around the Internet in cleartext.