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Creating a formula that calculates the difference between two columns from the same field

I have a report in the matrix format and would like to create two formula fields.  The report is set-up in a way that the "Sum of Net Revenue" field is separated into weekly columns.  The challenge I'm having is how to subtract by week from the same field (Sum of Net Revenue). 


Formula field 1 (Revenue Variance) - This field will calculate the revenue difference from this week to last week.

Formula field 2 (% Variance) - This field will calculate the % difference from this week to last week.


Please help, happy to send screenshots if someone can show me how in this blog or otherwise.


Thank you!



Steve :-/Steve :-/

Can you create a mock-up of what you want your report to look like in Excel and post a screenshot?

Steve :-/Steve :-/

Do you still need help with this or are you all set?

Mr. WMr. W

I have the exact same issue.  A matrix report gets me 90% there but I need to add a formula subtracking the two columns.  


I have a custom object "Financals." with three fields

  • Group
  • Period:  (2011, 2012.... ect.) 
  • Revenue (currency)

The report just needs three columns  and will be (grouped by the "group" field) 


column 1:  Peroid 2011 (totals Revenue)

column 2: Peroid 2012 (totals Revenue)

column 3:  Variance (Column 2 - Column 1)