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Wanted a custom field to display calculated Values

I am not sure if I can acheive the following thro' a Formulae field.


I have a date field Case object  "Opened Date" and I have different Status(Open,Closed,Pending,Escalated etc..) of case.


I want to display the value of the formulae field how long it was open(Today-OpenDate)

When I change the status from Open to something else I wanted to stop the calculation of no. of days and display only those days it was open. If I change to Pending it should reset the value to 0.


Is this possible thro' a formulae field  if so Can you please add some formulae in this post?


Thanks in advance.


Ritesh AswaneyRitesh Aswaney

Formula fields will constantly update as the data they depend on change, so you can't do 'snapshots' with formula fields.


What you need is a workflow rule which triggers on state transition and uses a field update which stamps the field to the TIme Open field .


 thanks Ritesh.

Yes, I agree that can be calculated, when user changes open and update the field using workflow rule.but how to calculate  and display how long it has been open  on "open" Status?

Are talking about time based workflow rule and fire everyday to calculate and update the value?