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Username from ID field in formula?

Hi Everyone,

I added a custom formula field to the cases object.  I want to show the account owner on the cases screen, but can't seem to get it right.

Here is what I am currently using for the formula:


But, of course, this shows the ID, rather than the actual user name.  What can I do???

I'm banging my head against the wall.  This can't be so hard! :smileymad:


This probably isn't the best solution but will work.  Just change the ID's and names appropriately, and add or remove lines as needed.

IF(Account.OwnerId = '00530000000pCfX', 'John Doe',
IF(Account.OwnerId = '00530000000pCKe', 'Jane Doe',
IF(Account.OwnerId = '00540000000rhvL', 'Bob Doe',
IF(Account.OwnerId = '00540000000rkqE', 'Etc.',
IF(Account.OwnerId = '00540000000rkqJ', 'Etc.',
IF(Account.OwnerId = '00540000000rkQz', 'Etc.',
IF(Account.OwnerId = '00540000000rmRV', 'Etc.',
IF(Account.OwnerId = '00540000000rZZR', 'Etc.',
IF(Account.OwnerId = '00540000000s47d', 'Etc.',
IF(Account.OwnerId = '00540000000rV4o', 'Etc.',
'Contact Admin'))))))))))


Message Edited by Buell on 08-05-2008 10:02 AM
This doesn't exactly address your question, but if you have the Hover Details feature enabled, you can configure the Account Owner to display whenever the user hovers their mouse cursor over the Account Name field (see below).
This may prove more useful, because you won't have to clutter up the Case Detail Record page with non-related Case information -- but the Account owner info will be easily accessible to your users by just hovering their mouse over the Account Name field.
To enable hover details:
1.) Click Setup --> Customize --> User Interface. 
2.) Select the "Hover Details" checkbox and Save.
To add the Account Owner to the Hover Detail view:
1.) Click Setup ---> Customize --> Accounts --> Page Layouts
2.) Select a page layout (not Edit mode, just select the Page Layout)
3.) Click the "Mini Page Layout" button
4.) Adjust the fields that you want displayed on the mini detail layout.

Message Edited by Gemini@Work on 08-05-2008 04:03 PM

You want to use the following:  Account.Owner.Name


Account.Owner.Name does not exist, at least does not work in a formula field, sorry.


Error: Field Owner does not exist. Check spelling.