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Generic Class object in salesforce


Can anybody tell me, what is the base class for all the classes in salesforce?


e.g, "Object" is the base of all classes in java and onject of any class can be assigned to object of "Object" class..


I have one class called "OpportunityProductUDACVO" in salesforce. From another class i'm creating instances of this class. Now, I want to have a generic object for all the classes, to which i can assign the instance of this particular class.

I know that sObject is generic object for all salesforce objects. But, its nt working for salesforce class objects.

Kindly let me know if there is anything else to consider.


Thanks in advance,



Did you ever hear an answer to this question?  I'm curious, too.  Lately we've taken to creating our own base object so we may add common functionality.  But we haven't gone too far because I still have some debris in my head saying sublcassing can only go three levels. 


Not sure if that's true.

shahid alishahid ali


     I guees the base class is 'Object'