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Colin LoretzColin Loretz 

Apex Rollup Summary Fields

I wrote the following code (replaced object/field names for simplicity) to handle rollup summary fields in Apex. It works pretty well but I frequently get errors when operating on bulk records or if no records exist (out of bounds, etc).

ParentObject__c :has_many Objects__c

Can anyone provide input as to whether or not I'm handling this type of task properly?

trigger rollupTrigger on Object__c (after insert, after update, after delete) {
    double totalSum = 0;
    Object__c myObjects =;
    if(Trigger.isUpdate || Trigger.isInsert)
            for(Object__c object : myObjects) //assume more than 1 record in
              for(ParentObject__c parent : [select Id, Name from ParentObject__c where Id = :object.Parent_Object__c]) //get the parent object
                for(Object__c childObject : [select Id, Name, Number__c where Parent_Object__c = :parent.Id]) //get all the objects that belong to the parent object
                  totalSum += childObject.Number__c;   //sum the field of choice
                parent.Total__c = totalSum;   //set the total in the parent
                update parent                       // update the parent
    else if(Trigger.isDelete)
        Object__c [] oldObjects = Trigger.old;
      for(Object__c oldObject :oldObjects)    //assume deletion of more than 1 record
        for (ParentObject__c parentObject : [select id, Name, Number__c, Total__c where Id = :oldObject.Parent_Object__c]) //get the parent object(s)
          for (Object__c childObject : [select id, Name, Number__c from Object__c where Parent_Object__c =])   //get the records that belong to the parent
             totalSum += childObject.Number__c;  //sum the fields after a record has been deleted
            parentObject.Total__c = totalSum;   //set new total in parent
            update parentObject;                      //update parent
      } //end oldObject for loop
    } //end else if
} //end trigger




    I am in same situation... If u have a solution for above code please post it.. Its very helpful for us....

Hi Colin,
I just look in to your code its similar to my requirement,Can you please post your updated code for an "bulk updates" Or you have any suggestions.
Thanks in advance.
Colin LoretzColin Loretz
I just did a write up on how I implemented Apex rollup summary fields.
Hi Colin, does this address the bulk insert/update issue? To me it looks like there are SOQL queries within for loops - does this not cause any problems?
Colin LoretzColin Loretz
This does not accommodate bulk processing.

Dschach and I are going to be going over the code next week at Dreamforce to hopefully add that functionality.

For those interested in checking it out, there is a free AppExchange app called Rollup Helper that helps to build rollup summaries using lookup relationships or in other cases where the platform simply won't let you to. The app has a UI to configure user defined conditional rollups and can even reference source values on related tables.


The free version is available here:




Jerry Reid

Passage Technology