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Apex class and Trigger Deployment issue

I have developed a Trigger and an Apex Class on the force.com IDE (i.e,setUp--> Develop--> Apex class and setUp-->create-->Objects-->trigger). This Apex class is called by the trigger. Also written test cases and code coverage is 86%.
Now i need to deploy them to the production. Can any one please tell me the steps.
I had seen in the discussion boards that i need to use Eclipse or ANT for deploying.
Do i need to re-code the entire thing using Eclipse or is there any other way to deploy them.
What is package.xml file. Is this file required for development to live????? Can i generate this file by using eclipse only.
Can i create it by using IDE??
Thanks in advance for all the response.
It is a bit confusing but simple. I had this same problem a while ago.

You need to setup the Force.com IDE on Eclipse first.
Using eclipse connect to your sandbox instance and then you download all of your code into Eclipse environment.

Then on "Package Explorer" browse your sandbox project and right click on your "src" folder.

From the menu choose: "Force.com" -> "Deploy to Server"

Follow the steps in the wizard and finally select the Apex class, trigger and the Test case class (if it is a separate class)  to be deployed to your production instance.

Good luck!
  Sam Arjmandi
  CRM System Analyst