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Rob P12Rob P12 

Error during deployment


I am trying to deploy Apex Code into production. The code coverage is 92%. In the Force.Com IDE I select the Validate
Deployment option. I get this error message 'incompatible key type Double for Map; String, String. I do have a line of code
Map<string, string> varRoleMap = New Map<string, string> ();

For (OIP_Partner__c oip : [Select Partner_Key__c, Partner_Type__c
    From OIP_Partner__c where Partner_Key_c IN varKeySet]) { // varKeySet created earlier
varRoleMap.put(oip_Partner_Key__c, oip.Partner_Type__c); 

    oip_Partner_Key__c  string
    oip_Partner_Type__c picklist

I also tried string Partner_Type = oip.Partner_Type__c and used Partner_Type in the Put