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Formula Field -- How to replace enter key in BillingStreet of Account in formula field

Hi Guys,


I create a formula field,DemoStreet on Account, which points to BillingStreet of Account.

But there are some enter keys(Carriage return) in the BillingStreet which i dont wanna keep.



BillingStreet:  "The Landmark

@ One Market

Suite 300"

I expect DemoStreet to be "The Landmark @ One Market Suite 300"


Is there any way i can remove those enter keys in formula?


Many Thanks in advance.



Steve :-/Steve :-/

Can you post the formula that you're currently using?


Hi Stevemo,


i didnt know what to put in the formula for now.





Steve :-/Steve :-/

I thought you said that you had already created a formula field, and were having trouble with the carriage returns?  

So are you saying that you want a single Formula(Text) field that contains all of the elements of the Billing Address with no carriage returns?

Since billingAddress contains five fields, what i need is the billingstreet.