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Formula for URL to record attachment?

Is there a way to get the id of the first attachment to a record in forumla? I have a situation where apporval processes are locking a record before I can record the id of the attachment. Basicly, the process is as follows.


  1. New record is inserted.
  2. New attachment is inserted with new record id as its parent.
  3. Field in record is udpated with id of attachment.

However, the record is locked by the approval process after step 1 and I cant do step 3 earler because the attachment must have the parent id of the record and the record does not have an id before it is inserted.




Think I found a work around, so this is now more of an intelectual excercise. Frankly I dont think it can be done as it would require SOQL in the formula (which wouldn't be a bad feature).