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System Admin Squabbling

I have a situation between 2 system admins in a single org. This company consists of 2 divisions with 2 system admins- one for each division. These 2 divisions operate independently from one another but do share some page layouts and fields. When one admin changes values, fields, page layouts a conflict arises because sometimes he edits/changes the other admin's division. Is there any way to limit/ create a new profile to restrict a system admins permissions to only edit specific record types/ fields/ layouts?

This issue has not only decreased admin. efficiency but has also brought conflict to the enterprise. Does anyone have any ideas?

In my opinion this is an organizational issue. If you insist on having two administrators (and you may need two new ones), have them function as a team versus split in half. You have the benefit of having two SFDC administrators in-house and you're missing out on a lot of collaborative power. Instead of griping over page layouts, two amicable and mature system-admins would provide balance each other with project blueprinting, debugging, problem-solving, brainstorming, even page layout design, etc.

In other words, figure out a way to get your two admins to work together, remove the division-association, and let them work in the same office. If this isn't possible with your current admins, I'd get new ones. It's probably only going to get worse.

I agree  with mckinnmd.

Another solution is to split the divisions by record type and profile to allow them the independance they want. If your goal is a one world Salesforce, I will echo mckinnmd  and say you need to work with the admins.


I am not sure there is an easy answer here, however we had a very similiar issue across 3 divisions with over 1,000 users and we implemented using Case Management for all changes to the system and all (3) admins had visability to the cases and would get alerted of any proposed changes throughout the division and could comment if they felt it effected their division otherwise which every division it impacted handled the case. Overall, it allowed our admin's to work as usual but brought a solution for collaboration so everyone knew what was about to happen. We also created a System Administration Guide which included what they could change and not change without collaboration. Very manual process but was extremely effective, it brought the team together with a basic understanding of what was expected of them.

I hope this helps :)