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Referred To filed to populate the Referral / Lead owner filed on the next page?

Hello again everyone. 
I am trying to get either the code to do it, or a non-programmatic route to auto-populate Referral / Lead Owner from the "Referred To" field on Referrals/Leads Tab.  When you go to save the referral information towards the bottom of the main referral page, there is the Referred To field.  That is the name I need to have populate in the record owner when you hit save.  Right before the conversion is made to a lead, I would like it to auto poulate the owner for administration purposes and about 101% of the time, it will be the same individual within my organization that the referral is being sent to that will own the record. 
My question, is there a way to do this, and if so, how?  I am fairly new to salesforce and have not really dove deep into the custom development potion, so I am putting some feelers out to see if someone has done this before and how it was done.
Thank you so much for your time and consideration. 
I look forward to working with you all soon!

You could do this with a Worflow Rule and a Field Update, however there has to be a criteria that will trigger the update maybe at a certain stage in the lead process, etc. You would first create the Lead Workflow and then do the Field Update which will ask you for the controlling field your Referred To Field and the Field to Update which is Lead Owner. I am assuming that the Referred To Field is a Look-Up to the User? Is this correct? This is pretty intuitive and should walk you through the process.

Lead Assignment Rules could also be used they are basically rules you can create that when a lead hits a certain criteria they are assigned to a certain individual. So depending on your business model you may say when Referred To not equal to blank assign to who ever your lead owner is, however I am assuming this may not work if the Referred To has to match with the Lead Owner. Then I would use Option #1.

Either option may work.


Oh wow, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your help on this.  Thank you!

Referred To is a lookup to user, that is correct.

Ok, so yesterday I worked on getting the Field to update field added in, however, there is a problem in that record owner (lead owner) is not an option.  Nor do I see a Master field option to choose when on the menu for the update field menu.

The other snag I hit was when I went to setup the workflow rule, I could not figure out what criteria to put in, so I entered "Lead: Referred To does not equal blank"  I know there is more to it, but I may need that helping hand tour you were speaking of in your reply.  I appreciate this so much, we have been struggling with a way to do this for about a month on and off.


Well as usual the field update for Leads works a little differently then some of the other field updates I have worked with in the past. You can only do a field update on Lead Owner with either (1) designated user/queue/partner user not another field. Which this still may work for you since you said it always goes to the same person. So yes you would create the rule when Referred To not equal to blank and select everyime a record is created or did not previously meet criteria then choose Option Field Update, select Lead Owner then select User and then pick the user you want to update the owner too.
Would this work, if not then I fear you would have to program the update? I use BlackIron Group and they are really reasonable.  
You may also want to consider Lead Assignment Rules if there are not a ton of user references.
Meaning if Referred To = Renee Callery
then assign to User Renee Callery
You would have to create one for each person but that may get you what you need as well.