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Field Duplication...

I am trying to duplicate or display a user's team, department, or territory (custom field) from the user profile on an account page when a look up field is populated with that sales rep's name. Is this possible?
Julie is filled out in the sales rep look up field
Thus: Team (read only field) is populated from the user profile
           Territory (read only field) is populated from the user profile
Yes, you can do this with a Cross Object Formula. You would create a new formula field on the Account, Select Text and then click Insert Field and it will bring all the related fields on the Account, User should be one of them with a > next to it, click and select the fields you wish to bring over from the user record. Hope that helps!

So the field that is on the user profile that needs to be represented on the account based on what user is selected on the custom lookup field is a picklist. Is it still possible to bring that data over?


Yes, as Jakester helped me you need to use a Case () formula in order to bring that information over;

Here was my example; 

CASE( Case__r.Type , "ROE","ROE","Interfirm","Interfirm","Nasdaq","Nasdaq","")

Yours will look something like the following;

ACCOUNT (INSERT USER FIELD HERE, then type in picklist values from your field here)

I hope that helps :)

I am just learning formulas as well, I know SFDC really well but formulas are new to me, this worked for me :smileywink:


P.S. the first smiley should be a bracket )