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formula using picklist & text fields together

I'm driving myself crazy with this.  It's a simple logical formula but I can't get it right in salesforce.
If(SC_Coverage_Type__c,"Service Contract" & IF(Expiration_date,">180"),"SC Expired >180 days", "Active")
I know this isn't how you do it in salesforce, but it's the logic I'm trying to implement.
SC_Coverage_Type__c is a Picklist field
Expiration date is a text field.
Please help
Kent ManningKent Manning
Since, SC_Coverage_Type__c is a picklist, you are going to have to use ISPICKVAL rather than a nested IF statement.

So your formula needs to look something like:

IF(ISPICKVAL (SC_Coverage_Type__c, "Service Contract") & Expiration_date > 180), "SC Expired > 180 days", "Active").

Hope this helps.
I'm also pretty sure you need to use && for "and" instead of just a single &


This formula (including the use of two && symbols) did the trick.


Appreciate the help!

Kent ManningKent Manning
Great! Glad to help.  :smileyhappy:

Thanks Jakester for catching the ampersand issue.