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Searching Pricebook Entries

I had code that searched the Product2 object.


I changed this code to use the Pricebook instead but now the FIND command does not seem to work on this object.


It never returns with PB Entries...


This code works:


pricebookEntries = [SELECT id, IsActive, Name, Product2Id, ProductCode, UnitPrice, UseStandardPrice from PricebookEntry WHERE (Pricebook2Id = :opp.Pricebook2Id) AND (IsActive = True) ORDER BY ProductCode];

This code does not work:


pricebookEntries = (List<PricebookEntry>)[FIND :searchText IN ALL FIELDS RETURNING PricebookEntry (id, IsActive, Name, Product2Id, ProductCode, UnitPrice, UseStandardPrice WHERE (Pricebook2Id = :opp.Pricebook2Id) AND (IsActive = True))][0];

Similar queries worked on the Product2 object...


I know there are special settings on the PriceBook to make it not visible in the web interface. 


Is there a restriction on the PriceBook objects that prevent a text search to work on those objects ?


Thanks for any hint on this...