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Deployment of Trigger without Package

I want to deploy a single Apex Trigger with using the Package menthod. The package method forces one to select all the triggers that one is using.


Is it possible just to deploy the one trigger (and testmethod) without using packages. Can this be done in Ecilpse?






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You can do it using Eclipse or Ant Tool.

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You can do it using Eclipse or Ant Tool.
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Hi Srini


I tried Eclipse but it does not appear to allow me to select the Deploy option as described here (See below)

Once you have created your application components and unit tested them in your own development organization, you may want to migrate them to a different organization for such purposes as testing, staging, publication, or production use by end users. For example, you will often find yourself coding and synchronizing with a Development Environment organization. If you’re happy with those changes, you will want to deploy the changes to a sandbox for testing against a copy of your production data. The IDE facilitates this deployment, and it is highly configurable. To deploy a project, or a subset of a project, to an organization, right click on the component or folder and select > Deploy to Server. You will then be prompted for connection details to the destination organization. Once you have entered these, you can select the metadata components to upload. For example, you may select just a trigger and the test class that accompanies it. Once you’ve determined what to deploy, you can either validate the deployment—fully executing the deploy process on the server, including running tests, without actually committing the changes—or execute the deployment so your changes are saved. If the deployment fails for any reason, you will be presented with a list of each error or test failure so you know what to fix.


What versions of the IDE, Eclipse, Java, and OS are you using?

Eclipse Version 3.3.2 IDE


You are using a very old version of the IDE.  If I recall correctly, in the Summer '08 (v13) IDE, the right-click > > Deploy to Server command is only available on the "src" folder.


You should be aware that your version of the IDE is an unsupported Developer Preview release.  There have been significant enhancements and changes in the last year, and I strongly recommend you migrate to the latest release, the IDE for Summer '09.


There is no direct upgrade path from the Developer Preview releases to supported releases, so you will have to uninstall the IDE from Eclipse and then install the latest from the update site at (link).  Since the Summer '09 IDE release supports Eclipse 3.4, this may be a good opportunity to upgrade Eclipse as well.


Jon Product Manager