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Problem to resolve the Synchronization conflict resolution.



Anyone knows how we can write the Apex code for conflict resolution?

If 'SFDC wins' option is selected, I don't know what needs to be done(how to compare the Salesforce data with external web service data).


Please help me anyone regarding this.


Thanks in advance.


Message Edited by venkatesh on 03-10-2009 08:07 AM

Again your requirements are somewhat vague.

Can you show us an example of what you want to do? Show us some example data, show us the example action you want to take, and what the "apex code" that you want to write is going to do? What is the end result of the data?


Sorry, Whyser...


I did not find the exact way to achieve the Synchronization conflict resolution. So I put the above simple requirement. Now I will explain you the exact requirement.

1) I have 3 options to resolve the conflict resolution for the Two-way synchronization. Those are:

o    SFDC wins
o    My database wins
o    Notify me and log the conflict for manual resolution


2)I have put these options in Setup object. When I select the SFDC wins option, the data which are not present in my data base(which are created as new records in Salesforce) has to update/upsert to my database. Duplicate data should not go to my data base from Salesforce.


3) When I select the 'My database wins' option, the new data which are not present in Salesforce side(which are created as new records in my databse) has to update/upsert to Salesforce object. Duplicate data should not go to Salesforce from my databse.


4) If I select the third option, I have to notify the user for manual conflict resolution.


5) I have already having the class for Web Service call to my database and also I have the time based scheduler which will upsert the Account object. So that my question is that where I can put the above condition and how I can achieve the same.


 Please give me the suggestion.


Thanks in advance.


Anyone worked on this type of requirement.

Please let me know the details that how I can achieve the same.


Thanks. :smileymad: :smileymad: :smileysad::smileysad:

Which part are you having problems with? It sounds like you know what you're doing through the pseudo code that you wrote for your requirements.