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I have trigger on a custom object CPP__c on update where I am creating history records for that object if any desired value changes in the updated record. I am not using nay new id while inserting but still I get this error


Update_CPP_change_history: execution of AfterUpdate

caused by: System.DmlException: Insert failed. First exception on row 0 with id a04R000000141WOIAY; first error: INVALID_FIELD_FOR_INSERT_UPDATE, cannot specify Id in an insert call: [Id]


The trigger works fine on a single update, it only fails when I try to do a mass update through Apex Data Loader by matching the lookup fields on the CPP__c object.


Can someone please help me in solving this issue? I have inserting the code snippet below


trigger Update_CPP_change_history on CPP__c (before delete, after insert, after update) { List<CPP_Change_History__c> CPPs = new List<CPP_Change_History__c>{}; if (Trigger.isInsert) { for (CPP__c a : Trigger.new) { CPP_Change_History__c ch = new CPP_Change_History__c( Account_Name__c = a.Account__c, CPP__c = a.id, Business_Lost_Reason_New__c = a.Business_Lost_Reason__c, Business_Under_Threat_Reason_New__c = a.Business_Under_Threat_Reason__c, Business_Won_Reason_New__c = a.Business_Won_Reason__c, Change_Date__c = System.today(), Price_New__c = a.per_UOM__c, Status_New__c = a.Current_Status__c, Supplier_New__c = a.Supplier_Name__c, Producer_New__c = a.Producer_Name__c, Volume_New__c = a.Annual_KGs__c ); CPPs.add(ch); } insert CPPs; } else if (Trigger.isUpdate) { for (Integer i = 0; i < Trigger.new.size(); i++) { if ((Trigger.old[i].Supplier_Name__c != Trigger.new[i].Supplier_Name__c)|| (Trigger.old[i].Producer_Name__c != Trigger.new[i].Producer_Name__c) || (Trigger.old[i].Business_Lost_Reason__c != Trigger.new[i].Business_Lost_Reason__c) || (Trigger.old[i].Business_Under_Threat_Reason__c != Trigger.new[i].Business_Under_Threat_Reason__c)|| (Trigger.old[i].Business_Won_Reason__c != Trigger.new[i].Business_Won_Reason__c) || (Trigger.old[i].per_UOM__c != Trigger.new[i].per_UOM__c) || (Trigger.old[i].Current_Status__c != Trigger.new[i].Current_Status__c)|| (Trigger.old[i].Annual_KGs__c != Trigger.new[i].Annual_KGs__c) ) { //Creat CPP History only if certain fields change CPP_Change_History__c ch = new CPP_Change_History__c( CPP__c = Trigger.new[i].id, Change_Date__c = System.today(), Account_Name__c = Trigger.new[i].Account__c); if(Trigger.old[i].Supplier_Name__c != Trigger.new[i].Supplier_Name__c){ ch.Supplier_New__c = Trigger.new[i].Supplier_Name__c; ch.Supplier_Old__c = Trigger.old[i].Supplier_Name__c; } if(Trigger.old[i].Producer_Name__c != Trigger.new[i].Producer_Name__c){ ch.Producer_New__c = Trigger.new[i].Producer_Name__c; ch.Producer_Old__c = Trigger.old[i].Producer_Name__c; } if(Trigger.old[i].Business_Lost_Reason__c != Trigger.new[i].Business_Lost_Reason__c){ ch.Business_Lost_Reason_New__c = Trigger.new[i].Business_Lost_Reason__c; ch.Business_Lost_Reason_Old__c = Trigger.old[i].Business_Lost_Reason__c; } if(Trigger.old[i].Business_Under_Threat_Reason__c != Trigger.new[i].Business_Under_Threat_Reason__c){ ch.Business_Under_Threat_Reason_New__c = Trigger.new[i].Business_Under_Threat_Reason__c; ch.Business_Under_Threat_Reason_Old__c = Trigger.old[i].Business_Under_Threat_Reason__c; } if(Trigger.old[i].Business_Won_Reason__c != Trigger.new[i].Business_Won_Reason__c){ ch.Business_Won_Reason_New__c = Trigger.new[i].Business_Won_Reason__c; ch.Business_Won_Reason_Old__c = Trigger.old[i].Business_Won_Reason__c; } if(Trigger.old[i].per_UOM__c != Trigger.new[i].per_UOM__c){ ch.Price_New__c = Trigger.new[i].per_UOM__c; ch.Price_Old__c = Trigger.old[i].per_UOM__c; } if(Trigger.old[i].Current_Status__c != Trigger.new[i].Current_Status__c){ ch.Status_New__c = Trigger.new[i].Current_Status__c; ch.Status_Old__c = Trigger.old[i].Current_Status__c; } if(Trigger.old[i].Annual_KGs__c != Trigger.new[i].Annual_KGs__c){ ch.Volume_New__c = Trigger.new[i].Annual_KGs__c; ch.Volume_Old__c = Trigger.old[i].Annual_KGs__c; } CPPs.add(ch); } insert CPPs; } } else if (Trigger.isDelete){ for (Integer i = 0; i < Trigger.old.size(); i++) { CPP_Change_History__c[] doomedCPP = [select Id,Name from CPP_Change_History__c where CPP__C = : Trigger.old[i].id]; Database.DeleteResult[] DR_Dels = Database.delete(doomedCPP); } } }




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because in the isUpdate case you're calling insert CCPs inside the for loop, you're trying to insert rows you've already inserted, you need to move it outside the for loop.

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because in the isUpdate case you're calling insert CCPs inside the for loop, you're trying to insert rows you've already inserted, you need to move it outside the for loop.
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Jina ChetiaJina Chetia
Thanks for pointing that out, never caught my eye :smileyhappy: