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which wsdl files needs to be used to use the wsdl2ajva

hi all,

I am new to force.com platform.

can any one of plz tel me how to generate java source by using wsdl file.

Here i am little confused too:(


there are options are there to use an enterprise wsdl and partner wsdl.

along with them we have a seperate generate wsdl for each apex class.which one to use to generate the java code.

and if possible plz send me some code snippets.


thanks a lot..




              Its mostly an architectural decision, meaning you can use your Enterprise WSDL and implement a client outside of force.com to consume the service exposed for your org or you can use a piece of apex code that does stuff for you withing force platform. This apex class can be exposed as a service that could again be consumed by any SOAP client external to force.com platform. Refer to apex reference document, look for "when should I use Apex" part. Hope this helps.