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Developing and invoking a new webservice

Hi all,
I am new to force.com and wanna learn what is force.com technology is.I am very much interested to learn webservices creation and invoking the same from a java program.

i found the web services api doc and crated a web service like this using an apex class.

global class Mywebservice
 webservice public static mywebservice()
System.debug('trying toi insert somehtning.');

public testcase


Now i am facing the problem.Shall i need to do anythning extra so that this service can be deployed. i donno really ???

after this I went to setup->create->API and clicked on enterpriseWSDL link and got the WSDL file to my computer.I went and verified if my webservice description is there or not  (it is not there).

I did the same to generate the partner wsdl and verified i didnot got anythng .. :(.

can anyone please tell me how to deploy the web service and how to invoke it by using what WSDL or does i need special permissions to do so?