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apex WSDL requirements

I am trying to get an external web service called inside salesforce. I just finished ironing out all the 'problems' in one WSDL. The thing is I need to parse another WSDL and I am running into new problems.
Could someone tell me where to find SFDC requirements for WSDLs?
(this is a suggestion to SF).--->
I really want it in a single document/ section of a document. Salesforce could at least list all the errors and a short description.
I am really tired of having to ask on discussion boards and wait for the reply (if ever anyone knows of it). If not for the people on the community, i wouldn't even consider going with SFDC. thanks guys.

Are you trying to import a WSDL into Apex through "Generate from WSDL" button on the Apex Classes UI page?

If that utility doesn't successfully create the Apex class, you can also use the HTTP Classes in Apex to execute the web service call. Some helpful documentation here: http://www.salesforce.com/us/developer/docs/apexcode/index_Left.htm#StartTopic=Content/apex_classes_restful.htm

In short, you can use the HTTPRequest class to construct the body of your soap msg, send it, and receive the response in an HTTPResponse object.

You can also get an XMDom parser in apex via Code Share (thanks to Ron Hess): http://developer.force.com/codeshare/apex/ProjectPage?id=a0630000002ahp5AAA

oh ... i wasn't aware of that. as to your qn, YES. i was using wsdl2apex.

most of the docs have feedback forms for every page of the doc, please use them, that feedback goes directly to the doc team and is the best way to tell them what works and what doesn't.
Simon, I have gone through this document before. It is not hard to follow when a message pops up. But the problem is when you are not using a WSDL of your own. When you use your own, it is kind of easy to figure out which of those apply (or could apply). I am pretty sure there are just about enough hitches that SFDC n00bs face that warrants a troubleshooting section on the website/ book.
Frankly, the section wasn't impressive in its coverage. (Example: SOAP 1.2 was released in 2003 and is still not supported). It wouldn't be as hard if at the least these were documented. The other thing was poor linkages between related at\rticles/ sections.
As i said, please use the feedback forms in the docs, it'll got direct to the right people.

As for SOAP 1.2, it was too little too late, and while SOAP 1.2 was ratified a while back, there was no standard for describing services using SOAP 1.2 until WSDL 2.0 was finalized last year.
i sure understand the complications (at least i think i do) when designing a platform that is dependent on so many different technologies. All I was saying was for salesforce to be precise. (do remember i am not a troll; i really want to be constructive but i need to understand things to their entirety to be able to contribute). Thanks again for your help.
Yes, please log your comments in the feedback form in the relevant part of the docs.