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count the no.of assignments done to another user

How to get the count of records which are assigned to another user.


I created a lookup called assign to in the leads and assigned a lead to another user. How to get the count of no.of records assigned to another user.


I believe this is what you are looking for. Create a report on Leads and add the created lookup field to the report. Then use filter criteria to state:


 "assign to" Not Equal To "Leave this blank"


If you are trying to count the number of time a record has been assignedm then your will have to create a number field and use a field update with the following formula:


IF(ISNULL( number1__c ),1, number1__c + 1)


The workflow rule would then state that it would need to fire every time the record is edited and the formula would evaluate to true as following:




I think reports will solve this. Run a report and just summarize with Assign To field for today or this week or this month (in time frame, according to your need).


Is it solved or not yet?