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Account Page - Opportunity Page

I know that I have some weird request but here it goes.


Is there away to make a field that sets on the Opportunity Page (Services) that also show up on the accounts page?


For instance if I create a new opportunity and I log a service in the opportunity.  I want to also be able to see that the account purchased that service from the accounts tab.


The reason is we have 2 teams once an opportunity is closed won the CS team takes over and mantains the account they need to be able to see at a quick glance the service the accounts are getting. 


They could scroll down to the opps section in the history but there will be so many opps logged against that account that they will have to sort through them all instead of having them at a glance. 

Steve :-/Steve :-/

What is the datatype of the Field on the Opportunity?  You could create a Rollup Summary (RS) field on the Account object that COUNTS the number of Opportunties and add a filter on your Opportunity field.  Then the RS will only count those Opportunties.  Then (in theory) you could even add a Formula(Text) field on the Account that evaluates the RS Field and retuns a Text value if the RS Field is > 0, or just keep it simple and have them refer to the RS Field.


by the way this and the Multi Select Picklist and Reports  are one and the same.  I am just trying to figure out the best way to track products in a pipeline. 


At Honeywell when we created an opportunity there was a section after we saved the opp that said Products and there was a button in that section that said add a product when we clicked it a seperate side bar came up and allowed us to select the product and enter a quantity and a price. Then hit save then if we had another product that need to be added to the same opp we clicked Add Product button againg and add the additional one. 


By the way I use to work at Honeywell did I mention that.  I am now with SVS and they are just starting to use SFDC so alot of the stuff that I used at Honewyell applies here it was just built by the first Admin instead of me. 

Steve :-/Steve :-/

Are you the Admin on your SFDC org?  It sounds like you're not using Opportunity Products on this SFDC Org.


Yes I am the adminl. Thank you I will check this out I was just not sure how to do it. 


You can use an app exchange produxt which converts the closed opportunities into assets and by this your service team can see the number of services opted... hope this helps