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Validating a new child object against existing ones.

Hello. First post so please be gentle.


I have a custom object (Codes) with 2 fields in it, a picklist and a free text field. The picklist has 9 possible values in it. There is a master detail relationship between the Account (Master) and the CustomObject (Detail) and they are shown on the Account view as a related list. In order to add a new one the user simply clicks 'new', selects the type from the list and adds a code in the free text and clicks save. All of this is fine but now I need to add a business rule.


Rule: One Account cannot have more than one code for a selected code type.


I am trying to approach this using a validation rule on the detail object on save. I have been told that is could be possible to use a VLOOKUP or something. I need to check the selected code type against existing detail objects for that master to make sure it hasn't already been allocated a code.


Any help would be fantastic and very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.




Technically you could do this by utilizing roll up summary fields on the account.  One for a count of records with each code.  Then your validation rule would be written on the account.  Because of the roll up summary's, when a new code record is created and tried to save, the account validation rule would also fire because of the way roll up summary's work.  


However, this is a clean way to do this.  I would recommend writing a fairly simple trigger to perfrom the validation.  


Create a field on the codes object named 'test'(text field) while creating check the box which says 'unique', now write a workflow rule which updates this field 'test' (when a record is created) in the update condition include the picklist value and the record id (Text(piclist name__c)&coderecord.id). now when you try to create the same code type the 2nd time you will get error.


hope this helped you.