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Using fields from relational look-up in workflow rule formula

First post, so why not jump in with both feet.  I am an end user that was given permission to solve a problem with how we use SF.  We are trying to automatically calculate revenue on the Opportunity object based on the type of product sold, which is entered via a relational lookup.  The look-up is done to a custom object that has several fields (revenue, an enrollment fee and a multiplier).  I want to use these 3 fields, along with another field on the Opportunity record, to build a workflow rule to calculate the revenue.  Don't know how to get access to the 3 fields on the custom object, which was already selected in a previous field, in order to build the formula for the rule.
Confused.  Me too.  I wrote it out and it appears a bit cleaner on the attached Word document.  I appreciate any guidance offered.
Hi Joe,

I don't see an attachment, but it sounds like you could do this by creating a single roll-up summary field. Search the help for more info on them - they're pretty straightforward.

Hi Jakester, I appreciate the advice.  Not sure what happened to the doc I thought I attached, but here is a copy/paste:


A. I Created object called Solutions.

In addition to its name, the Object has 3 fields:  (1) enrollment fee, (2) multiplier and (3) unit price.


B. On an Opportunity entry, I have a field that does a relational lookup to this Solutions object.

I also created a new currency field on the Opportunity object called Calculated Revenue.


C. When a user goes to add a new Opportunity, they select the Solution Sold which does the table lookup noted above. 


I want to create Workflow rule for the field Calculated Revenue, noted above, that uses the following formula: 

                Solutions(1) + (Solutions (2) * Solutions (3) * Opportunities (field Z))

                                                [field Z is a numeric field that already exists on the Opportunity object]



When building the Workflow rule for the Calculated Revenue field on Opportunity object, is there a way to get the Solutions fields 1, 2, and 3 associated with the record selected in the lookup done in Step B above???


Does the roll-up summary still make sense in this case?
Thanks again.

rollup-summaries only work if you had made Solution a child table of Opportunity.

to do this, make the workflow rule criteria when the lookup to Solution (probably named something like solution__r) is changed. The formula would be simply ischanged(solution__r). the field update would be something like


Note that you should consider standard order of operation rules (i.e., multiplication always happens before addition, but anything inside parenthesis happens before multiplication or addition)