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Count total number of Zeros using Custom Summary Formulas

Can anyone help me in how to count the total number of Zeros Custom Summary Formulas

Message Edited by mansurie786 on 12-04-2008 07:53 AM
Are you referring to the Roll-Up Summary functionality?  If so...
  1. Create a new Roll-Up Summary field on the parent object (must be the master of a master-detail relationship), click Next
  2. Label and name your field, click Next
  3. Select your child object in the Summarized Object picklist
  4. Select COUNT as the Roll-Up Type
  5. Under Filter Criteria, select the second option "Only records meeting certain criteria should be included in the calculation"
  6. Select the field in the child object of which you want to count the zero values
  7. Choose "equals" as the operator
  8. Enter "0" into the Value field, click Next
  9. Select the security and page layout settings
  10. Save
Your new roll-up field will be on the page layout(s) you chose in step 9.



But it is not working