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Creating New Object from Edit Page

When you're in the Account Edit page, the "related list" objects do not show up. Is there a way to create an object from the edit page (such as through a pop up window?)
Steve :-/Steve :-/
Hi JillW,

Depending on the type of relationship exists between the 2 records, you might be able to do this with a Custom Button S-Control. 

Or you could creat a Lookup Field to the "New" related object. 

The Lookup Pop-Up window can have a [New] button that will create a new child object if no matches are found.


PS.   I almost forgot, in this case (using a Lookup field) the "new" record cannot be the Child of the record that you are starting from.  They can only be a sibling, or parent.

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Hi, again!

I'm still working on my custom Division object. (Which has a Master/Lookup relationship between it and Account). I just thought it would be more appropriate to ask in this forum rather than in the Introduction forum.

I take it I can't use the look up field to create a Division from the Account edit window?

I can create a Division when I'm in an account by scrolling down to the related list and clicking on 'new'. However, I have things set up so that a user can't save a Customer Account unless it has a Division object. I'd like for the user to be able to create a Division from the Customer Account edit window.

Would a Custom Button S-Control be able to do this? If so, how do I create one?

Ooo... I just noticed that the "Create New..." drop down box in the sidebar includes my Division object! Yay! :smileyhappy:
Can you tell me how to autopopulate the Account name in the Division object the way it is in the Contact/Task/Opportunity windows?

Rats. The "Create New..." drop down box does not work for new records. (Obviously because the record isn't in the system yet.)

Looks like the S-Control is the way to go.

Steve :-/Steve :-/
Have you tried using a Field Update Workflow?  Without looking into your SF.Org, and your SF Object relationships it might work.  But then again, you might end up getting into a "Chicken and Egg Loop" trying to create your "New" new record.

That's just my 2 pesos
No, I don't think I've tried a Field Update Workflow. (I'm still getting used to the terminology here, sorry for sounding ignorant.) Can you give me more information on how to set that up?

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Steve :-/Steve :-/
Without getting "too Nuts & Bolts" on you, a Field Update is something that works in conjunction with a Workflow Rule to update a field on an object when certain conditions and triggers are met on that object, or a related object. 

Now without seeing how your SF.Org is set up, and seeing an ERD of your custom objects and relationships, Field Updates may be completely useless here, but it's worth a shot to see if you can get a handle to the necessary fields/objects to update your custom Division Object. 

Thanks for the help. I couldn't make this work, so my supervisor decided to eliminate the division object and just have two fields. That makes it easier for me for now, but it eliminates the ability to have more than one Diagnostics or Labratory ID.


I appreciate all your advice!


Now, on to territory management...