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Matching Nicknames to Names

Is there a way in SalesForce to match nicknames to legal names:


Example for Contacts: Jim to James, Tom to Thomas, Billy to William.


Example for Accounts: CDC to Center for Disease Control.


Currently I did not find a solution so I added an idea awhile back;


However, our policy is all accounts go through an approval process and are given the legal name. You could create an Alias Field that is searchable for all alias in the meantime or create a custom object.


Unfortunately, that doesn't address the problem of matching first names, such as Jim to James or Billy to William.


I'm trying to find a way to prevent duplicate data from being entered and I wondered if SalesForce had a way of realizing that two seemingly different names were the same one.


Same logic applies there is no way for Salesforce to do that at this time, unless you customize something to alert you based on another criteria such as email or something. There is no way to unfront alert you if you are entering James or Jim. However there are many de-duplication programs out there such as; Data Trim and/or Ring Lead that assists with the process but typically they work off of an email address or maybe you could do Last Name and Company Name but you would have to build yourself, buy someone's else's technology or look at the free app exchange programs. There is one out there, however I found it clunky and not useful.


Our way to manage was to launch an approval process for all New Accounts and Contacts and then we de-dupe ourselves and work with the reps to the proper naming conventions, however it takes time and a great deal of administration and we only have 1,500 Accounts. We have a strict Naming Convention Policy on all New Accounts/Contacts that we train to over and over that they use Proper Names., etc. Training is key, do you use the Lead Bucket then convert, sometimes that can help as well with a proper lead conversion policy and training.


This is a sore spot for alot of users if you look on the Idea Exchange it has become very heated.

Thanks for the information.
A new version of "Dupe Eliminator" v1.1, is now available on the AppExchange. This app is free! 

It can help you clean up all your duplicate records on standard and custom objects, allows you to specify search criteria by field, and gives you the ability to merge dupe records found. 

You can download the app and user guide here: