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Mass Email examples



I am trying to send mass email to a list of selected candidates. I have created the list as an Sobject and passed the email addresses to it. I am not sure how to pass this list to the target id in the mass email. Some examples would help me.



Krishnadas M R

The apex code is as follows. 

public class massemailapplicants {

Candidate__c candidate;
Job_Application__c jobapplication;
List<jobappwrapper> jaList = new List<jobappwrapper>();
List<Job_Application__c> selectedApplication = new List<Job_Application__c>();
List<Job_Application__c> email = new List<Job_Application__c>();

public List<jobappwrapper> getjobapp(){
for(Job_Application__c ja : [select name, Candidate__c, Position__c, Candidate__r.First_Name__c, Candidate__r.Last_Name__c, Candidate__r.Email__c from Job_Application__c ])
jaList.add(new jobappwrapper(ja));
return jaList;

public PageReference getSelected(){
for(jobappwrapper jawrapper : jaList)
if(jawrapper.selected == true)
return null;

public List<Job_Application__c> GetSelectedApplication(){
return selectedApplication;
email = [select Candidate__r.Email__c from Job_Application__c];
return null;

public class jobappwrapper{
public Job_Application__c jap{get; set;}
public Boolean selected {get; set;}

public jobappwrapper(Job_Application__c ja){
jap = ja;
selected = false;

public PageReference Rejected() {
Messaging.MassEmailMessage mail = new Messaging.MassEmailMessage();
String toMassTargetObjects [] = {email};
mail.setSubject('Apex Sharing Recalculation Exception');
mail.setPlainTextBody('The Apex sharing recalculation threw the following exception:');
Messaging.sendEmail(new Messaging.MassEmailMessage[] {mail});
return null;


 Please point out what am i doing wrong.

Can we send a mass email to list other than contact, Leads and users.



Krishnadas M R


no you cannot

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