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Dynamic APEX - creating object list at runtime

Hi ,


I have a requirement to add sharing records for all the Account child object. For this i used Describe to get the sharing object for all the Account child objects.


List<Schema.ChildRelationship> childRel = objDef.getChildRelationships();


SO, if i am getting 5 share objects from this, and say 100 child records which needs sharing to be added, how do i create a List for these 5 objects so that i can add these records into the list and use insert.


List<sObject> l = new List<???>();


What should be the correct syntex to create different lists for different objects at runtime. Please suggest.


Thank you!!

I'd like to know this as well...... http://community.salesforce.com/sforce/board/message?board.id=apex&message.id=14662&jump=true#M14662
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Ron HessRon Hess

looks like you cannot create a dynamic list.


you can run a query or SOSL string to get a list of objects


List<List <sObject>> myQuery = search.query(SOSL_search_string);





I also came across this problem. Indeed a SOQL or SOSL will return a list of SObject, but a SOQL will throw a QueryException if nothing returns.

Then our List<SObject> will still be null, and it will be impossible to use it.

But a SOSL returning nothing actually instatiates the List:




String searchquery='FIND\'xxx\'IN ALL FIELDS RETURNING '+ objectType +'(name)';List<List<SObject>>searchList=search.query(searchquery);List<SObject> listSkills = searchlist[0];

 Then you can use your list and add the object you want.






I think this is the one thing missing from dynamic apex - the ability to create SObject or SObject lists.


In the ajax toolkit you can use new sforce.SObject(string type), it seems to me like we need a database.create() method and a database.createList() method in Apex - Either passing in a string or, even better, passing in an SObjectType token.  At the moment I have had to create a static createSObject method with lots of if statements that returns different objects depending on what string is passed in - not very nice at all and a pain if I want to add support for additional objects.


Anyone know if there is an idea posted for this functionality?

Although there is a workaround by creating a wrapper object. This would be a great feature. Please VOTE!

Creating SObject List types at runtime:

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