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Attendee DECLINE event

Which trigger Event is fired when an Attendee Declines an Event, I want to catch the Decline event of an Event whenever an Attendee of the meeting declines it.


I have tried an After trigger as well as Before Trigger, BUT I am unable to track down the case when an Attendee decline smeeting and that meeting Do gets deleted from Events table for that attendee. ....


can anyone guide me here .. plz .. :(

I believe it is a system trigger that is not exposed for modification.  Doing any manipulation regarding EventAttendees is very difficult, if not impossible.  I have been trying to figure out how to notify (via email) the assignedto person on an event when their invitees accept or decline an event, but have had no luck.

That arises another query in my mind, se I could not catch any activity pertaining to Decline of attendee for a meeting, but as the Event list displays the Event for All Added Attendees, and for any attendee whoever Declines the invite It Deletes the event from the List, so that means an Event is Deleted in some sense.


So it DOESN't MAKE any sense to Not To be Able to Catch that in Event trigger which is supposed to Catch all Delete Events ?

Do I make sense here ?


I agree with you, it doesn't make sense, but it does appear to be true.

I tested it as well, and my delete trigger does not detect an event getting deleted by declining the event.

I hope someone from Salesforce reading this thread :) .. please HELP ... sometime a Little Block like this dimishes the success of any Custom APP by a very big Margin ... Event Management is very important part of most of the APPs :) ...

This is causing huge breakdowns in scheduling events inside our company.  It would be really helpful if a meeting organizer can select that they want to be notified if people are declining their meeting requests so they can adjust their plans.  Outlook and Exchange have trained everyone to think this way by default.


Salesforce folks, please have a look at this!


Jack Miller

Goodlife Team


Events in general have a few flaws. When an Event is created with multiple Attendees it creates an Event associated with each attendee but only the originating Event seems to get passed through the Event trigger on creation. The 'Attendee' Event is created with the IsChild field set to true but there is no field to link it to the parent event. All Events should really go through the trigger and EventAttendees should also be accessible via a trigger.


If you need some notification on Declined Events you could create a scheduled job using batch apex to monitor EventAttendees and send a notification email or update a field on Event that you could track with a workflow. You could track changes by comparing the last modified datetime on the EventAttendee and the datetime of the last run of the scheduled job to determine the EventAttendee records to process. The logic would be to select from EventAttendee where LastModified > :lastrun and Status = 'Declined'. For each record update a custom field on the parent Event that can then be detected via workflow.


Once an event attendee has declined I don't think it can be modified again so a check on last modified alone would be sufficient. Failing that you may need need to make use of a custom object to record the state of the record the last time it was checked.