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Email Template Visual Force

I am creating an email template for related to OppurtunityProducts. 


My field is Quantity which is Number(10,2) . I want to display 1000 as 1,000. how can i format this 




 tag sould display the field as 1,000.00 just like you see it in the normal sfdc ui.
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<table cellSpacing="0" cellPadding="0" border="1" bordercolor="Black" width="100%" class="prodTable"> <tr > <th ALIGN=center>Product</th><th ALIGN=center>Volume (estimated)</th><th ALIGN=center>Packaging</th><th ALIGN=center>Price </br>(Per UOM)</th><th ALIGN=center>UOM</th><th ALIGN=center>Payment Terms</th><th ALIGN=center>Delivery Terms</th> </tr> <apex:repeat var="prod" value="{!relatedTo.OpportunityLineItems}"> <tr> <td ALIGN=center>{!prod.PriceBookEntry.ProductCode}</td> <td ALIGN=center>{!FLOOR(prod.Quantity)}</td> <td ALIGN=center>{!prod.Packaging__c}</td> <td ALIGN=center>{!prod.CurrencyIsoCode} {!prod.UnitPrice}</td> <td ALIGN=center>{!prod.Volume_UOM__c}</td> <td ALIGN=center>{!IF(prod.Payment_Terms__c="Other (Please Specify)",prod.Other_Payment_Terms__c,prod.Payment_Terms__c) }</td> <td ALIGN=center>{!IF(prod.Delivery_Terms__c="Other (Please Specify)",prod.Other_Delivery_Terms__c,prod.Delivery_Terms__c) }</td> </tr> </apex:repeat> </table>


This is the template i have i want to format this  {!FLOOR(prod.Quantity) , 1000.00 to 1,000 .. i used floor to replace decimals but now i want to format with Commma.