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Getting the text value frm lookup

public class MyItemLookup{
    public static void updateRelease(mt__Item_Lookup__c[] item){
        for(mt__Item_Lookup__c a:item){
            a=[select mt__Item__c from mt__Item_Lookup__c where mt__Item__c=:a.mt__Item__c];
            String name='!{a.mt__Item__c}';


Is it possible to get the text value of a lookup field ?

I have a requirement to pass the text value in the lookup field

to another apex class as a String parameter.

Please let me know if there is a way to achieve this....

Message Edited by arvin on 02-03-2009 09:57 PM

Yes, you can use the relationship to get the Name field of the related object.

I am taking a guess here, but you could try something like this:


select mt__Item__r.Name from mt__Item_Lookup__c where mt__Item__c=:a.mt__Item__c



Here is documentation on handling SOQL Relationships in Apex


Here is documentation on SOQL Relationships


Lastly, I recommend moving the query outside the for loop. Otherwise, you will execute a SOQL query per iteration of the loop, and therefore might exceed the maximum number of queries allowed within apex.