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Trigger creates two task per Product's Opportunity instead of one


I've created a trigger to create a task everytime someone creates an Opportunity's product. But I have a problem, the trigger creates the task twice! I couldn't find yet the problem. Could someone tell what's wrong in the code?

Thanks! :smileyhappy:


trigger createTask2 on OpportunityLineItem (before insert, before update) {

    List<Task> tasks = new List<Task>();
    List<OpportunityLineItem> OppLIs = Trigger.new;
    for (OpportunityLineItem OppLI : OppLIs) {
        //Obtengo el Id del usuario que creo la oportunidad
        Opportunity Opp = [ Select OwnerId from Opportunity where id=:OppLI.OpportunityId limit 1 ];
        //User usuario = [ Select Name from ]

        //Obtengo el día que se vence el producto
        Date diaVenc = OppLI.Fecha_de_vencimiento__c;
        Datetime dhReminder = datetime.newInstance(diaVenc.year(), diaVenc.month(),diaVenc.day());

        Task tsk = new Task(whatID = OppLI.OpportunityId, 
                            Ownerid = Opp.OwnerId, 
                            Subject = 'test', 
                            ActivityDate = diaVenc,
                            IsReminderSet = true,
                            ReminderDateTime = dhReminder );
    insert tasks;



Maybe this is too obvious, but if an Opportunity with two Opportunity Products is created, two tasks will be created because the trigger will run for each line item.

If I add two products to the Opportunity, the trigger would add two task, one for each product.


But the problem I was having ( because I've solved it) , was that the trigger added two task for one product.


I've solved when I took out before update. I don't understand it very well why It has been solved with that , but It did began to work fine now.