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How to convert Datetime from GMT/TimeZone to another TimeZone

Couldn't find any doc /api reference that explicitly describes how to convert a given GMT Datetime to a desired TimeZone Datetime.  All of the docs talk about GMT and "Local" TimeZone, unless I've missed something obvious.


I have start and end dates in the database, which are in GMT TimeZone.  I need to convert them to a different TimeZone (BusinessHours TimeZone) so that I can use "BusinessHours.diff" API to determine elapsed time.











Message Edited by jps on 10-29-2009 09:22 PM

Hrmm. How about:

Case thisCase = [select CreatedDate from

Case limit 1]; // gets the GMT date from database on a case
Datetime thisDT = thisCase.CreatedDate;
String myDate = thisDT.format('yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss', 'PST'); // using object.format maybe? Example for pacific standard time.


thisDT- 2009-10-30 23:03:48  (GMT)
myDate- 2009-10-30 16:03:48  (PST).


I guess you could try to convert the myDate string back to a datetime object (but valueOf kept converting the time back to GMT):
Datetime convertedDate = datetime.valueOf(myDate);
Apex Datetime methods:
Java simpledateformat (great resource):


Thanks. Apologies for not responding earlier.


I had construction the new Datetime by extracting the components from fromatted string.


My final solution:

Convert both dates to BusinessHours TimeZone and use BusinessHours.diff method to determine the duration in mills. 


BusinessHours corpBH = [select Id, TimeZoneSidKey from BusinessHours where Name = 'Corporate'];


String crtDateStr = crtDatetime.format('yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss', corpBH.TimeZoneSidKey); 

Integer corpYear = Integer.valueOf(crtDateStr.substring(0, 4));

Integer corpMonth = Integer.valueOf(crtDateStr.substring(5, 7));

Integer corpDay = Integer.valueOf(crtDateStr.substring(8, 10));

Integer corpHours = Integer.valueOf(crtDateStr.substring(12, 13));

Integer corpMins = Integer.valueOf(crtDateStr.substring(14, 16));

Integer corpSecs = Integer.valueOf(crtDateStr.substring(17, 19));

DateTime  corpBeginDate = DateTime.newInstance(corpYear, corpMonth, corpDay, corpHours, corpMins, corpSecs);


String modDateStr = modDatetime.format('yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss', corpBH.TimeZoneSidKey);

corpYear = Integer.valueOf(modDateStr.substring(0, 4));

corpMonth = Integer.valueOf(modDateStr.substring(5, 7));

corpDay = Integer.valueOf(modDateStr.substring(8, 10));

corpHours = Integer.valueOf(modDateStr.substring(12, 13));

corpMins = Integer.valueOf(modDateStr.substring(14, 16));

corpSecs = Integer.valueOf(modDateStr.substring(17, 19));

DateTime corpEndDate = DateTime.newInstance(corpYear, corpMonth, corpDay, corpHours, corpMins, corpSecs);


Long diff = BusinessHours.diff(corpBH.Id, corpBeginDate, corpEndDate);



narasimharaju monapati 6narasimharaju monapati 6
DateTime CurentTime =;
String TimeZones = '(GMT+05:30) India Standard Time (Asia/Kolkata)';
List<String> lststrsplit = TimeZones.substring(12,TimeZones.length()).split('\\(',2);
        string strTimeZone = lststrsplit[1].substring(0,lststrsplit[1].length()-1);
        string strCurrentTime = CurentTime.format('YYYY-MM-dd HH:mm:ss', strTimeZone);
        Datetime dateCurrentTime = Datetime.valueof(strCurrentTime);