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Rolling up "Closed" Revenue for this Year



I'm trying to create a roll-up summary field on the Account that rolls up all Closed/Won Opportunities, but only for this Year.


What I've done is create a formula on the Opportunity called "This Year?" that simply returns a 1 or a 0 if the Close Date is for this year.


IF((YEAR(CloseDate)=YEAR(TODAY())), 1, 0)


The formula works just fine.


However, when I create a Roll-up field at the Account Level, and try to filter on the "This Year?" field, it doesn't allow me to choose it as an option, why would that be?



Steve :-/Steve :-/

Yeah, you've hit the pothole in RS fields (they don't play nice with Formula Fields or Advanced Date filters).  You have to use an explicit filer like: CloseDate greate or equal to 01/01/2012 and then update it manually next year.