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I am trying to create a workflow rule with 3 objects.for example I have 3 objects,they are Customer,CustomerInfo,SurveyResponse.Customer is a parent,In Customer object I have 3 fields,are AccountNumber,Description and MRR,and in CustomerInfo I have 2 fields(Description and MRRMonthly),and I have 1 field(NPSScore) in SurveyResponse...Now I am trying to give a workflow rule for email alert when the condition is satisfied. condition is

condition:we should not have a relationship b/w CustomerInfo and SurveyResponse






 you are working on different Objects, hence it’s not possible to use workflow on different objects based condition rule. For this you have to write the trigger.



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How can we write the trigger for these types of things.

Amal DominicAmal Dominic
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