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Formula for a report which displays old address new address



Our Sales team are updating Account & or Contact addresses with new data.  I need to get a report run on the old address vs new address. So I can get our operation teams to update these new address details into a different system.


Is there a way to add a formula in into a report to do this>??





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Hi TobyMAc,


You could achieve this by using "Field History tracking" for address fields of account or contact object and by running "Account History" report which will list out the details of new value(address) against old value.


once you set the Field History tracking for account fields,include the "Account History" related list in the page layout of account for viewing.



Steve :-/Steve :-/
If you want to do it in a report, then you need to set up an Analytic Snapshot of the fields you want to capture   Of course this will only work from this point foward, it doesn't give you any visability into changes that have already happened.