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Send email based on user

We have email templates set up for each of our support reps that send the contact a survey about their experience when a case is closed. To analyze the results we have one email/survey for each individual user.


How can I create code that sends the correct email template based on the Case Owner?


I know how to write code to send an e-mail automatically at the click of a button but I do not know how to write an if/then type of statement that would send the correct template based on user.


I know I can use workflow rule to do this but would prefer not to as we have a lot of support reps and I don't want to have dozens of workflow rules that slow down our Salesforce.

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If the link to the survey is constant for each User, just add a custom field to the User object.


For example, I have a custom field for each User's customized dashboard and then I use the field in an email template to send a link to the new user with instructions.  Perhaps you could apply the same technique to your problem.  Then you would just have a single workflow rule and a single email notification.