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Changing the Closed Date on an Opportunity when Closed Won/Lost

How would I automatically change the closed date of an opportunity to the date on the event of the stage being changed to closed won or closed lost?

Venkat PolisettVenkat Polisett

Create a work flow that will use a field update which sets the close date upon a change to stagename. As for rule criteria, use formula and check the stagename with ispickval().


ISPICKVAL(stagename, 'Closed Won')


Replace "Closed Won" with your picklist value.




Message Edited by Venkat Polisett on 04-08-2009 10:40 PM
Thank you for your help.  I created a workflow where the date was updated to TODAY when the opportunity was edited.  I was not sure where to use the formula ISPICKVAL(stagename, 'Closed Won') and just used the criteria of Stage equals Closed Won and the formula to update to =TODAY() and it is working.  I am not very familiar with formulas but it worked so I guess it is ok.