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Question: TriggerFuture method cannot be called from a future method

I'm doing a RunAllTests and am getting the following:

Exception in Account_AsynchProcessing TriggerFuture method cannot be called from a future method: formatSObjectData(String, LIST:String)


I'm not sure what the Exception is saying.  Here is the setup:

-  A trigger has a statement that calls a @future method in a global class.  The future method itself does not make calls to other future methods.


Is it invalid to call @future methods from a trigger?






You can call @future methods from triggers.  See here, for example.
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Maybe it's saying that you're trying to call one @future method from another @future method?


thanks for the note.  There's only one @future method in the class.  That method is calling other methods in the class, but none of them are annotated as @future.

Is your @future method perhaps trying to call a non-static method?

Could be similar to something I've come across. Are you firing a @future method from a trigger that is being fired BY a future method?


I had 1 object  with a future method on it's trigger. but another future method also updated that object in it's logic as part of something else and I got this error.


From the language reference.



You cannot call a method annotated with future from a method that also has the future annotation. Nor can you call a trigger from an annotated method that calls another annotated method.







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