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Linking from a pageBlockTable item to another apex page & controller

Hey all,


Can someone please point me to a code example of how to:


1. Display a pageBlockTable that has clickable links that direct to another apex page & controller

2. Preferably, pass through a string, such that:


A user views a table of information, and clicks on the appropriate link. Clicking on the link brings the user to a new page with a detail view of the information in the link, e.g., a user sees his past classes; clicking on a link brings up a list of lessons in the past class. 


Thanks for the code samples, all!



Aok... here we go; here's what I have so far:



<apex:pageBlock title="Apprenticeships"> <apex:pageBlockTable value="{!Apprenticeship}" var="Foo"> <apex:column > <apex:outputLink value="http://www.test.com/{!Foo.name}" target="_blank"> Test - {!Foo.name} </apex:outputLink> </apex:column> </apex:pageBlockTable> </apex:pageBlock>


 so, I can jump to a new site/page with some information in my URL. I'd love help around the second piece now, especially around (or to) an example of how to take information from a URL string and bring it into a query to display information on a page -- for instance, my next step is to change value=/CTN_Lessons_Page/{!Foo.id}   and try to draw all lessons for Foo.id.


Thanks for your help, all!