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sandeep kumarsandeep kumar 

triger on Case failing if a case is created from web to case forms being submitted at the same time



I am perplexed. I have not written a bulk update trigger assuming that web to case forms are not bulk updates and because there were many objects being updated at the same time like account and asset. I am submitting these web-to-case forms at the same time(case is being created at the same time on same date) for two forms submitted. One fails and the other succeeds.


The trigger updates count on asset and account for the number of forms being submitted. Should it fail if case is created at the same time.?


Is this some kind of gimmick!








It would be easier to assist you if you can provide:

  • Trigger source code
  • Any debug or error messages your are receiving
  • A description of what you're doing that leads to the undesired situation
  • An explanation of the problem being experienced