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Validation rule to stop edits to case EXCEPT case comments

Need to ammend the following validation rule. As it is written the rule only allows users with an EMEA support, product develoment or solutions management role can assign cases to the IMG-Tier 3 queue or edit cases assigned to this queue.


I need to update the validation rule below to allow users to add case comments to the case wihtout this notification triggering



AND( CONTAINS( CaseTeam__c, 'Tier 3'), NOT(CONTAINS( $UserRole.Name , 'Support')), NOT(CONTAINS( $UserRole.Name , 'Solutions')), NOT(CONTAINS( $UserRole.Name , 'Product')), CONTAINS( $UserRole.Name, 'EMEA') )


So Case Comments is actually a child to the Case object, so I am guessiing a validation rule for this would not work.


Maybe someone else knows better than I.


My suggestion would be to update the recordtype when the case gets assigned to that level. Then you can assign other profiles to a page layout that is basically read only on all fields on that record type, and just leave the standard layout for users who should be able to modify it.