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Matrix Table - of Declarative Logic for ALL the STD OBJECTS (quickly see what is NOT supported)

has anyone seen a simple matrix table/ GRID table layout (sorta cheatsheet Quick Reference Card style) of all the fancy features in the "clicks" / declarative logic arena by standard objects.  I keep unfortunately stumbling on... oh.. that is not possible with x object.  There is many ideas logged for all these missing but I could nto find a simple matrix/grid table anywhere.


has anyone seen anything like this in a video?  dreamforce presentation?



one axis:


standard objects on training wheels (what I call the non-core E.g.. Accounts, contacts, opps, cases, leads, campaigns etc.)

1 contRacts

2 assets

3 product

4 activity

5 quota

6 forecast

7 real-time quote


8 ideas


10 knowledge

11 chatter


12 sf2sf app

13 offline app




then the sorta declarative features i am thinking about

1- RUS on child object (I understand only supported 2 Opp Account and Opp Product Item)

2- cross object formula in FF (formula field)

3- cross object formula in WFR (WorkFlow rule)

4- field updates in WFR

5- dependent pickist (controller)

6- dependent pickist (dependent)

7 - edit ALL pickist values (none are restricted) E.g.. AccountContactRole


8- custom M-D to standard and custom Lookup to standard (found chart on page 70 of SOAP dev guide but mainly core objects only)

9- add new custom fields to custom object

10- add new lookup filters to custom object

11 - RecordType supported

12- page layout can be edited

13- inline edit supported

14- audit history is enabled


15 supported in the auto routines E.g.. email2case etc..

16 supported in the mailmerge / HTML routines etc..



Anyone seen anything like?

thankyou in advance