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Apex Code for revenue split?


Can Apex code be used to create child opportunities from a defined parent opportunity record?


1) User create Parent Opportunity by have split status defined as "parent".

2) OnSave, if split status is "Parent" and Probability is 1 then clone parent with products/schedule for split partner assign on parent opps.  (Split 1 owner, split 2 owner)

3) Based on Split % in parent opportunity, update the clone child record for each split partner accordingly.  Update quantity per percentage split (50% ...quantity is 0.50 on each line item).


Looking for someone to generate the apex code for this...email me at dlam0718@gmail.com and I can provide the requirements...looking for an estimate on the apex code for this requirements.  




Provide me proper requirement and i will try to do help you.

where can I sent the functional requirements to you?  email me at dlam0718@gmail.com and I will reply with the proper functional requirements.



Just wondering how this came out.  I might be interested in a similar solution.