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Errors while Deploying



I made changes to 2 triggers and 2 classes. one is the test class and the other class has the method which the triggers call. The method is a @future method

 when I try to deploy through the IDE, in the validate step,

the triggers and the classes passed the validation.


But there were 2/3  unrelated classes which came with a  too many rows exception. Is there a way to get by this error?




Message Edited by gv on 07-27-2009 12:27 AM

You can infact.

Use a boolean property

set it to true in constructor

at your query point,


if(boolVal )


 [select fields from table where condn];




  select fields from table where condn limit 10];



in your test class, before you call the query method set the boolValue to false.

Thants all....