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Trying to create a greater than 'null' field...need some assistance

Hey guys, I'm an intern building a database for a real estate company and need some serious help.  I'm trying to create a field (specifically a date field) that when a date is added to the field, it triggers the next set of tasks.


Currently I have selected:


Eviction Scheduled (date field) is 'not equal to' ""


It isn't accepting "" as a null value so first wondering what null is in Salesforce's language.



When that didn't work I tried to create a formula that triggered when any date beyond May 1st, 2009 was entered (and was true).  No luck there either.


This was the formula:


REOHQ__REOHQ_Eviction_Scheduled__c > DATE(2009,5,1)




If anyone has any advice, I would be greatly appreciative of some help.



Thank you,


Ross Johnson 



Take a look at ISNULL in Help and Training.


Empty date and date/time fields always return true when referenced in ISNULL functions.