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% of Mass E-mails Opened

Hi Everyone,

I'm new to sfdc and this community, but we are loving what we've seen so far.


I have what I suspect is a pretty easy report to generate, I just can't figure it out for myself.


We would like to see a report that figures the percentages on our Mass E-mails.

 - % of X Mass E-mail that were opened

 - % of X Mass E-mail opened more than 3 times


Is this simple?


Thanks in advance!

Brian Rhea



Hi Brian,


If you have the Enable Email Tracking option checked then this will allow you to use the HTML Email Status Report and track the # of times emails were opened.I don't think you have the option to see the recipients on this report so that you can calculate the % of emails opened...I know there is a way to find out to how many you have emailed ( go to SETUP -> My Personal Setup-> Email-> My Mass Email).


See if this can help you at all.